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when we admit our true secrets - In Memory of Michael Serpent

About when we admit our true secrets

Previous Entry when we admit our true secrets Mar. 29th, 2006 @ 12:38 pm Next Entry
here i am sitting under the tree beside the lake watching the giant squid grab a swan for its dinner. I keep telling myself its not worth it, but this boy,this one certain boy keeps coming into my head like a serpheant sneaks upon its prey when it hunts for its food.

"Oh look its Potty boy! Where is the rest of ur golden trio Potter? Did they get wise too?" came a sneer from a distance.

I clinch my fist in anger trying to remain calm, but no use it would never go away.

"At least I came out Malfoy! What about you huh! Still in denial and still acting like a rich snob who thinks he can make everyone feel beneath you," I retaliate getting up on my feet.

Several students cackle over the remark towards Draco as I watch his face go from embarrassed to sheer anger in a matter of seconds.

"I challenge you to a duel Potter!" Draco shouted stalking to the quidditch pitch with me following behind.

We Dueled until we both feel to the ground exhausted catching our breaths and glaring at one another."You know it would go better if you admit something for once Malfoy," I made the suggestion.

He grimaced in disdain "like I'd admit to being gay Potter, I mean come on you expect me to just come out and say "Hey I'm soo gay!" and not worry about it?"

"never mind Malfoy," I told him getting up to leave the pitch feeling knots tightening in my stomache.

"Potter wait...I..uh...am...gay," I heard Draco barely blurt out turning around looking at him

"I'm gay alright! I'm gay, I am so fucking gay that you put a tutu on my and I wouldn't say a thing about it, Are you happy now Potter?"Draco questioned raising his nose up in the air from his comment.

I grinned at him for the first time walking up to him. He gives me a sly glance while i wrap my arms around him.....

Yeah that was the best day for me, actually for dra as well(I grin)
"potter really we're going to be late, come on" I hear my guy tell me now.
U have to admit i really am glad to be gay!
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Date:April 4th, 2006 11:38 pm (UTC)


You don't want to hear this, no author does. I thought your story was okay, but I think it'd be better chaptered. Not on here, of course. Add details and things, and get a beta, and I think your story would be a lot better.
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