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Reminiscence - In Memory of Michael Serpent

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[This is kind of personal, and I know that it is stated that we are not to rant on about how sorry we are. However, I view this more of an essay/speech .. if this is wrong, please, by all means, take it off, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.]

I have just recently learned of the passing of Michael Serpent, and I am shocked beyond words. I had been randomly searching names and words on search engines, seeing if a familiar site might pop up, or if someone had mentioned me or someone else before. Just for fun, I typed in "Michael Serpent", and was rewarded with links to people’s livejournals, xangas, bloggers, etc., recommending his beautiful stories or fan-girling on how wonderful of a writer he was.

However, the mood suddenly changed. I suddenly noticed one site that had “...just found out...favorite writer...Michael Serpent died!”

Shocked, I continued to scroll down the page, and found more blogs confirming this horrific truth that I refused to grasp. And then I found this community.

Michael and I had known each other vaguely. I first found out about him when, skimming Harry/Draco stories at fanfiction.net, I came across his The Golden Snitch, [then, still named The Golden Snitch – don`t wing yourselves boys!] The story was excellent, and I found myself going back to re-read a bit of this or a bit of that. I soon found his livejournal, and through that, found a story written for him by silvestra and devilita. One way or another, silvestra&I started communicating and became good friends.

I later on was able to create my own LiveJournal, and quickly added Michael to my list of friends.

I then started writing my own fanfiction. As soon as I had a chapter or two of my story, Intuition, I sent him a link, and asked for his opinion. He replied, saying that he enjoyed it, and that is mainly how our distant friendship began.

Michael and I were never "close", or really, anywhere near close. But he knew who I was, and I most definitely knew who he was. We talked on ICQ one time, me, with my hands shaking because I could not believe that I was actually communicating with my idol. There was a brief time of a sudden closeness, with him commenting on my livejournal and mentioning me in his, but that did not last extremely long.

And of course, time passes. It has been more than a year, maybe even more than two, that I have last ever had any type of communication with him. I changed my livejournal name many times, from peace_shadow, to xxsapphrinexx, and finally to cynthee. I have drifted away from all the friends that I have made, and yet we have changed each other’s lives from the times that we did know and talk with one another.

Michael has changed my life in so many ways. Much of my work was inspired by him, and I have met people through him. He made me laugh, made me cry, made me want to scream, with his works. I truly feel that he can never be replaced in my heart.

And yet, I can’t seem to be able to cry. There is a hole in my heart now, and I find myself unable to smile or laugh, but there are no tears. One of the greatest writers that I have ever known has left us all, and yet I cannot cry by instinct. Maybe it hasn’t set in yet, maybe I still refuse to believe...

I will never forget Michael. He has touched my life in such a way that had he not; I don’t know where I would be.

Thank you Michael. Never will I forget, and never, I am sure, will you be forgotten.
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Date:January 12th, 2006 03:27 pm (UTC)
always keep on writing like Michael wanted. We will all miss him.
Date:June 25th, 2006 02:27 am (UTC)


i was checking one of my old harry potter slash links and was like humm? whats this and clicked on 'milk is my sugar'...saw that it still hadn't updated, it was like 'wow...huh'..so I clicked on his profile to see what was up (on fanfiction.net) and saw the note that he passed away and honestly was upset by that, and I wanted to leave a note to say he was a fantasic writer and i would have loved to read the rest of his incredable stories, he was an AMAZING writer and he will defenity be missed, I know i do right now and I don't even know him. my apologies go out to those closest to him.
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